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ELLSWOS Workout Sandbags for Fitness, Heavy Duty Weight Sandbag with Adjustable Filler Bag, 10 to 120 Lbs, 6 Rubber Handles, for Training Exercise

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Our weighted sandbags feature an outer shell and filler bags. It provides a variety of grip options with 6 rubber handles, and make it for you easy to find force, power and stability. So that you can do any and every workout your muscles desire with pressing or pushing sandbags.
With supreme oxford fabric you can be confident that these sandbags won’t break or bust. 

2 strong hook-n-loop fasteners can keep all the contents remain in place. 

Equipped with heavy zipper and secure zipper closure, the sandbags are of great durability, ensuring the sand inside not to leak. (Do not include sand)

Medium sandbag set has 3 weights available. They are 10Lbs, 20Lbs and 30Lbs, you can vary the weight from 10-60lbs. 

Large sandbag set has 4 weights available, each one can store 30Lbs sand, you can vary the weight from 30-120lbs.

This training sandbag is versatile, with which you can have kinds of fitness training.